Diabetes (might have) saved my life


In April this year, I went to see the doctor and had some blood tests done as part of the checkups. When I spoke to the doctor about the results, he dropped a bombshell I wasn't-but-also-sort-of-was expecting: I was diabetic. I had no symptoms, so I had...

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Working retro with a Raspberry Pi


Since moving to a co-working space, I've started using a Raspberry Pi 400 as my primary desktop PC at home to avoid transporting my laptop back-and-forth each day. I'm mainly using it for writing blog posts, playing the odd game, and tinkering with some...

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The web is exhausting


I've been using the web in some form for over 20 years - granted, the early parts of that were heavily monitored because I was about 5 years old when we got dialup. But, a large part of my formative years were spent online, and it was such a different...

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Finding my old blog


I've had a few blogs over the years - when I was younger I had a bad habit of starting a blog, and then occasionally throwing it away to move to a new platform. There's a handful of blog posts out there that I've written that are now lost to the internet....

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Building my first emulator


Recently I've become interested in embedded devices and developing for them. Initially, that started out as wanting to write a game for the Game Boy Advance, but if I'm being honest my knowledge wasn't up to scratch. So instead, I thought I'd try my hand...

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Why I don't write React anymore


Earlier this year I made the decision to stop working in React. I'd just come out of a project using a modern JS tech stack that used Next.js, and I couldn't get over how complex the whole thing had become, and how little I enjoyed the work. It felt like...

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