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  1. My first ever promotion

    Yep, even though I’ve been working as a software engineer for around 11 years now, I’ve actually never had a promotion. Every change in title I’ve had throughout my career has been through changing jobs. But today, for the first time in my career, I […]
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  2. Fundraising for Cyclists Fighting Cancer in 2024

    I’ve decided on my fundraising challenge for this year! You can donate to it on my JustGiving page I’m raising money for Cyclists Fighting Cancer, who are a wonderful charity that donate bikes to children and young people with cancer. It’s a great ca […]
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  3. TIL: Why Date.parse gives unexpected results for GMT

    TL;DR: Timezones are weird Someone posted about this in a Discord server I’m on: Javascript’s Date object has a parse function, Date.parse that takes a string can converts it to a timestamp. If you give it a non-standard string, in this case Jan 1, 1 […]
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  4. My week in media

    Inspired by Thomas Rigby, here’s what I’ve been watching/reading/listening to for the last week: Watching Society of the Snow - Harrowing, but an incredible watch Bob’s Burgers - Always nice to return to a comfort show Reading Sea of Rust, C. Ro […]
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  5. Theory: Lara Croft is a vampire

    I’ve had COVID[1], which means I’ve had more time than usual to play video games. So, I figured I’d replay the Square Enix Tomb Raider trilogy. For the unaware, these are reboots of the famous Tomb Raider games that aim to be gritty, realistic, poorl […]
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