Finding my old blog


I've had a few blogs over the years - when I was younger I had a bad habit of starting a blog, and then occasionally throwing it away to move to a new platform. There's a handful of blog posts out there that I've written that are now lost to the internet....

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Building my first emulator


Recently I've become interested in embedded devices and developing for them. Initially, that started out as wanting to write a game for the Game Boy Advance, but if I'm being honest my knowledge wasn't up to scratch. So instead, I thought I'd try my hand...

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Why I don't write React anymore


Earlier this year I made the decision to stop working in React. I'd just come out of a project using a modern JS tech stack that used Next.js, and I couldn't get over how complex the whole thing had become, and how little I enjoyed the work. It felt like...

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Managing my reading list


A little while ago I was toying with building a lightweight web app that would make it easy to manage and share reading lists. I never got around to making it, but instead I built a very-MVP version by adding my reading list to this website. It was a...

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Adding categories to Eleventy


I've decided to put a bit more love into this blog, I've neglected it since the new year. As part of that, I wanted to make a few more changes - namely, I wanted some better navigation to allow me to write different types of content. So, I've added a...

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Year retrospective


The last year has been a wild one, with some real highs and lows, so I thought I'd do a short retro on the year and outline some (fairly vague) goals for the next year. 2021 has been both a very short and extremely long year. Short, because the first 10...

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A new blog


It's been a long time since I've had an actively-maintained personal website/blog, but I got a spurt of inspiration after seeing a few other recently-revamped blogs. What better way to celebrate the end of the year than with... a blog? My intention is to...

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Using ES6 Generators


I’ve been having fun using some newer technology recently - namely ECMAScript 6 Harmony (or at least the bits of it that Chrome supports). One particular feature which I’ve been using has made life quite a lot easier for me - ES6 now supports Generator...

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Motion Sensitive Image Capturing In Python


This is quite a nice little script that uses the PyGame library to access the computers webcam, and then takes a succession of photos, comparing percentage differences between the photos taken to determine whether or not any motion has occurred. If it...

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Clever Image Resizing In Python


In the not-too-distant past, I had a bit of trouble with a client who wanted to have images resized on the fly that were of a completely different aspect ratio - i.e. they wanted images that were orignally landscape to be square, with no skewing of the...

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Raspberry Pi & Ultrasonic Module - Calculating Distance in C


In this brief article I will be posting the C code I used to measure the distance between the Raspberry Pi and any object in front of the HC-SR04 module. I used this article to show me how to wire up the ultrasonic module using a breadboard. You will also...

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Solving 2048 Using A* Search


One of my recent projects has been to attempt to solve the game 2048 using A* Search - it all started from a bet with my girlfriend about who could get the highest score, and I decided I’d “cheat” and just get my computer to do it for me. It didn’t work,...

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