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  1. Everything’s a bit shit, isn’t it?

    This is going to be a moany post, fair warning. But everything’s a bit… shit. The Tories have had their annual conference this week, and as per have decided to rub it in our faces by holding it in Manchester (while ignoring any part of the country that isn’t London completely when it comes to […]
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  2. Javascript’s Proxy is neat

    So last week I went to State of the Browser. I had a great time, met some really interesting people, and got to see some great talks. One talk in particular was on Two-way data binding by Chris Ferdinandi. The general gist of it is that you can use the Proxy object, which can intercept […]
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  3. Building a quick CDN with PHP

    I’ve been using Bunny CDN (referral link) as my CDN for a while, and I’ve been really happy with it. In particular, the Image Optimizer is great value for money – $9.50 a month for on-the-fly dynamic image resizing and re-encoding. The only real problem is that my site isn’t particularly high-traffic. In the last […]
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  4. Lemmy: 4 weeks in

    So it’s been long enough since I decided to try out using Lemmy that I think I can give a fair summary of how I feel about it as a service. TL;DR it’s good, has it’s issues (mostly moderation), but once you start using it properly it gets better. The good The good part about […]
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  5. Trying out Lemmy as a Reddit alternative

    Alright I’m back on the Reddit thing again. I decided to setup a Lemmy instance, just to evaluate what it’s like as an alternative to Reddit. Installation was easy, as I just used Docker this time, and reverse-proxied through Nginx. There are pretty clear instructions on the README. Overall I’d say it’s… not bad. The […]
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