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  1. Visiting the Northwest Computer Museum

    I got the chance to visit the Northwest Computer Museum today, which was really cool. I’m a bit of a fan of older computers, I think there’s something charming about them. So when I found out this was opening a few weeks ago I knew I had to go. I’m really glad I did – […]
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  2. TIL: Recovering from an accidental force push in git

    I don’t normally force-push to repos, but I wanted to overwrite the contents of an old project with a new one of the same name. So last night, I created my new project, set the git origin url to the correct one (git set-url origin git@…), and then ran git push -u origin main –force. […]
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  3. Server migration

    It took me a fair while, but I’ve finished migrating my VPS off Linode now – finally. I was spending ~£20/month on servers, and that’s set to increase by another 20% this month. I’ve now gone for Contabo, who are pretty reputable and were offering a really good package – 4-CPU, 8GB RAM, 400GB SSD […]
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  4. Bringing my omg.lol Now page into Eleventy

    Robb Knight has this great Javascript tool for embedding your omg.lol /now page in another page. I thought it was pretty cool to use, but because I’m allergic to client-side Javascript, I wanted to port it to Eleventy so that I could generate it once-per-build. It was actually pretty simple to do, because the server-side […]
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  5. Hunting for inspiration

    I feel like my posting on here has slowed down a lot in the last month. In part that’s because I’ve been a lot busier at work, but I’ve also found myself not having anything to write about. Well, that’s not true. There are 3-or-4 posts lingering in my drafts right now, but I’ve not […]
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