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Everything’s a bit shit, isn’t it?


This is going to be a moany post, fair warning.

But everything’s a bit… shit. The Tories have had their annual conference this week, and as per have decided to rub it in our faces by holding it in Manchester (while ignoring any part of the country that isn’t London completely when it comes to policy).

Whether it’s Liz Truss saying fuck the environment and making suggestions on financial policy (yes, the same Liz Truss who was removed from her post for her absolutely abysmal financial policy), or Suella Braverman being just… the worst. I’m not going to repeat what she’s said here, but future school classes will study it as an example of how rhetoric can give rise to facism.

Then you’ve got their new “stop being mean to drivers” position, which is grating, to say the least. Poor drivers, who have the entire country’s infrastructure tailored to them, need babying so they can keep driving their big polluting machines to the shops and back.

And that’s just this week! On top of the usual constant stirring up of racism, homophobia, transphobia, and all the other nasty shite that seem to be on the rise at the minute. It feels inescapable at the minute.

It might be the change in the weather (which is still unseasonably, terrifyingly warm - if not a bit wet), but I’m feeling pretty fed up with it all.

There’s no outcome to this post, or anything. I just needed to vent a bit.


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