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First thoughts: Sensah Team Pro shifters


My Shimano front shifter recently gave out while I was on a ride:

A road bike leaning against a wall. The front shifter is stuck inwards at an awkward angle

Not an ideal situation, really. But apparently it’s a pretty common failure on the 105 shifters - previously I was able to bodge it by gluing a piece of plastic to the shifting arm, but now it looks like the internal spring has gone.

So, not wanting to fork out £200 for a new set of shifters, I figured I’d try out a set I’ve had my eye on for a while: The Sensah Team Pro 11-speed shifters from AliExpress.

Most of the Sensah shifters are Shimano-compatible, with the Empire shifters being the exception, as they’re SRAM-only. But the reviews online were favourable, and given it came to a total of £65 including delivery I thought “why not?”.

They took about 5 days to arrive and honestly, I was pretty impressed.

A pair of road bike shifters in the box

They feel really sturdy, and if I didn’t know otherwise I’d think they were far more expensive than they actually cost. Fitting them was pretty simple too - I had to reroute my cabling slightly because the shifting cable holes are positioned differently. Once that was done though, they indexed really nicely.

Road bike with new shifters applied. The "TEAM PRO" logo is visible

I’ve not taken them for a ride yet - I’ve still got a little bit to do on the bike first, like fix the brakes. I think they’ll take a bit of getting used to - they’ve got a single lever, so you do a short tap to shift downwards, a longer to shift upwards, and then an extra-long tap to shift 3 gears up (on the rear, anyway). But, so far I’m really happy with them.


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