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Fundraising for Cyclists Fighting Cancer in 2024


I’ve decided on my fundraising challenge for this year! You can donate to it on my JustGiving page

I’m raising money for Cyclists Fighting Cancer, who are a wonderful charity that donate bikes to children and young people with cancer. It’s a great cause with proven benefits to both the mental and physical wellbeing of these kids.

To do this, I’m going to cycle 1000 miles between May - September 2024 (not including my regular riding). This will be comprised of 3 events[1]:

The remaining 706km will be comprised of training and leisure rides, which I’ll post about on my JustGiving page when they occur.

Can I take part?

Yes! I love riding with others, so if you’d like to join any of the events, or want to do a smaller leisure ride, please get in touch with me!

  1. With possibly more to be added later ↩︎


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