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I don’t care about ChatGPT


I’m starting to feel like I’m in the minority here, because so many people are talking about it, but I genuinely don’t have any interest in GPT or any of it’s derivatives.

I get that it looks like magic to a lot of people, and almost feels like actually intelligent artificial intelligence, but I get the distinct impression it’s just a façade. Scratch below the surface and you’ll find yet another deeply-flawed technical product.

There are plenty of reasons to be worried about it, most of them to do with the ethics of a model trained on the internet, and people’s predisposition to leaning heavily on this as a tool. I worry that it’s going to be - or already is being - used to make decisions that impact people.

But ultimately it doesn’t excite me the way it excites other people. I’ve found a couple of little uses for it, like generating some bedtime stories for my kid, but nothing that revolutionises my life.

Ultimately I think this is going to be the Next Big Thing that eventually turns out to have not been that big of a thing at all, the world will move on once the tech bros start banging on about something else shiny.

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