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Import posts from an RSS feed into WordPress


I decided to migrate my blog to Wordpress, for the simple reason that I was finding updating Markdown files manually a headache, and I want to be able to write on devices that aren’t my laptop.

But first I had to move my content over - so I used the Wordpress REST API to copy my content from my RSS feed.

Create an application password

In your Wordpress admin panel, go to Users -> Profile. Scroll down to the section that says “Application passwords”, generate a new one, copy and store it somewhere.

## Consuming the feed and populating Wordpress

I used Deno to do this, but the code would be pretty similar for Node:

import { parse } from "https://deno.land/x/xml@2.0.4/mod.ts";

const root = `${process.env.WP_SITE_URL}/wp-json/wp/v2/posts`;
const password = process.env.WP_APP_PASSWORD; // This is your application password
const user = process.env.WP_USER; // This is the username of the user the application password belongs to
const auth = btoa(`${user}:${password}`);

const response = await fetch(process.env.SOURCE_RSS_FEED);
const feed = await response.text();
const document = parse(feed);

for (const entry of document.feed.entry) {
const body = {
title: entry.title,
content: entry.content["#text"],
status: 'publish',
date: entry.published,

const res = await fetch(root, {
method: "POST",
body: JSON.stringify(body),
headers: {
"Authorization": `Basic ${auth}`,
"Content-Type": "application/json",
if (res.status >= 400) {
console.error(`Request failed with status ${res.status}: ${res.statusText}`);
console.error(await res.text());

Screenshot of the website home page. Shows the title "LewisDale.dev" and a menu with Home, Blog, and Microblog options.

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