Change your colour scheme

New year, new blog design


It’s time for a new website layout. My previous one sort of evolved over a year of messing around and not quite finding something I was happy with. I didn’t really feel like it represented me.

I’ve always been a fan of ZX Spectrums, despite them coming a bit before my time. I picked up a +3A in a charity shop once, and it’s one of my favourite things to occasionally boot up.

So what better than to model my site on that classic design? I got to do some nice CSS gradients for the rainbow bar, and took the opportunity to strip some of the fluff out of my site.

Screenshot of the website home page. Shows the title \"LewisDale.dev\" and a menu with Home, Blog, and Microblog options.

I’ve reduced the website to two components for now: the blog, and the microblog. There’ll be some new fluff added in no time, I’m sure, but it was getting a bit much to manage.

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I'm Lewis Dale, a software engineer and web developer based in the UK. I write about writing software, silly projects, and cycling. A lot of cycling. Too much, maybe.