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Quick snippet: Detect who pays for Twitter


Even though Twitter may have tried to disguise who pays for Blue, and who has a legacy verified account, they left the ld-json fields intact.

Here’s a quick script you can use an in an Arc boost to check for the field and colour the checkmark Red if they pay:

setTimeout(() => {
const ldJson = document.querySelector('[type="application/ld+json"]')
const icons = document.querySelectorAll('[data-testid="icon-verified"]')
const profile = JSON.parse(ldJson.textContent);

if (icons && profile.author.disambiguatingDescription !== "verified") {
icons.forEach(i => i.style.color = 'red')
}, 1000)

I don’t imagine it’ll work for too long, but it’s a stopgap until they remove legacy ticks completely and you can just block Blue subscribers on sight.

Edit: Well, this just became a lot easier I suppose

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