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RSS is still the best way to consume content


I’ve not used Reddit since Apollo announced it would be shutting down. In part it’s because I don’t want to give Reddit anymore data (and therefore value), and also Apollo was the only thing that made it usable, and as of Friday that’ll be gone.

But I have felt the absence a little. I’ve wound up scrolling through Facebook to get my daily dose of mindlessness (hint: don’t do that).

Anyway, thanks to this post by Ethan Marcotte I was able to collect a few new RSS feeds to add to my reader, and it’s feeling a bit more fleshed-out.

All I need now is stuff that complements my non-tech related interests, so ideally some nice personal blogs from cyclists, and I’ll have a good selection of stuff to scroll through when I’m procrastinating.

If anyone wants to try a good feed reader, I can definitely recommend NetNewsWire for Mac/iOS. It has the option to sync feeds over iCloud, which is really useful when switching between devices.

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