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Signing up for my first cycling event


I registered for my first ever cycling event over the weekend. I was thinking about a duathlon/triathlon, but as I’m not much of a runner or swimmer I thought purely cycling would be the best thing for me. So I registered for the Salford - Blackpool 100k.

I’ll be doing it to raise money for The Christie, a cancer research & care trust based in Manchester. 'm waiting on my fundraising pack, but once it’s arrived I’ll post a JustGiving page, any and all donations will be greatly appreciated!

I’m both nervous and excited, I’ve never done a distance like this before - I’ve done 50k with no stops, but that was mostly because I got lost. I’ll need to start training pretty much now, but it should be good fun! Hoping I’ll enjoy it enough to do a few more in the following year-or-so.

Update: I’m collecting donations for my bike ride on JustGiving

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