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  1. Building a quick CDN with PHP

    I’ve been using Bunny CDN (referral link) as my CDN for a while, and I’ve been really happy with it. In particular, the Image Optimizer is great value for money – $9.50 a month for on-the-fly dynamic image resizing and re-encoding. The only real problem is that my site isn’t particularly high-traffic. In the last […]
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  2. Javascript’s Proxy is neat

    So last week I went to State of the Browser. I had a great time, met some really interesting people, and got to see some great talks. One talk in particular was on Two-way data binding by Chris Ferdinandi. The general gist of it is that you can use the Proxy object, which can intercept […]
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  3. Autoposting to FireFish from WordPress

    Back when I was using Mastodon, autoposting my blog posts was easy – there’s no shortage of extensions for handling posting to Mastodon. But I switched to FireFish a little while ago (and for better or worse, can’t easily switch back without screwing up my server’s ability to federate). As far as I can find, […]
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  4. Identifying external links with CSS

    Inspired by this post on CSS In Real Life, I thought I’d share how I’m styling external links on this site too. Marking up external links I’m using Eleventy to generate the site, and have a Markdown plugin that’s borrowed from the Eleventy-Excellent starter (which is a site starter that really does live up to […]
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