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  1. TIL: Forwarding ports using SSH and proxying with Apache

    I have two servers: a VPS, and a small server that I primarily use on my home network. The server at home is quite a bit more powerful than my VPS, and significantly cheaper to run, so I’d like to start moving some of my hosted services to it. The pr […]
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  2. TIL: Adding a subreddit RSS feed

    I like to read some story-based Subreddits, like /r/TalesFromTechSupport, but also don’t like having to go to the Reddit app (well, Apollo) specifically to read these stories because I end up missing them. As it turns out, Reddit does publish RSS fee […]
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  3. TIL: Adding text borders with CSS

    After checking my website on mobile, I realised that I’d made a mistake, and included a pretty bad colour contrast issue on the page: So I took to Google, and discovered that I could use the -webkit-text-stoke CSS property (MDN Documentation), which […]
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