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Using mirror repositories for code backups


This is a neat feature I just discovered for git server backups. I run a local Gitea server that I use for development on my own projects. I’ve only configured it recently, so there’s not much on there.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I once lost access to my personal git server. It stored important content including my dissertation, which then disappeared into the void. So one thing I was quite keen on doing was making sure that I’m able to backup my git server.

It turns out that’s really easy to do with Gitea. You can set up a repository mirror, which will automatically sync itself with whatever remote you configure. I’ve set up mine to sync with my Github, so I can push to my private git server, and on a preconfigured interval it will push all my commits up. You can set it to sync on every commit, but that felt unnecessary.

I quite like this approach, it feels very POSSE-like: I retain ownership of my content, but it’s syndicated to other places and I get some safety and redundancy.

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