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Well, that was short-lived


I only just started allowing this site to cross-post to Twitter, for the sake of syndication. But, given that Twitter have decided to close free API access, I can’t imagine that Bridgy will be able to continue sharing to it.

This change doesn’t hugely impact me, by-and-large I don’t use Twitter anyway, especially after they stopped third-party clients working (RIP Tweetbot, you’ll be missed). I’ve seen quite a few indie developers who rely on their Twitter apps for their livelihood though. Dependent on the pricing, it’s likely that a lot of these people will lose their income. Once again, the Twitter CEO proves that he has no idea what made the platform work in the first place.

Anyway, that was nice while it lasted (well, it wasn’t really but hey). As always, I’m on Mastodon, which is where I actually post anyway. My Twitter account will probably go back to being (largely) dormant.

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