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Winter’s definitely here


Had the first properly wintry commute in this morning (-3ºC but also damp). I knew it was going to be cold, so I made sure to wear my extra-thick gloves, (an Aldi special - they worked perfectly and are definitely worth picking up next time they’re in the magical middle aisle).

It’s a good job I did, really. I got to work and my gloves (and bike, shoes, jacket, and face) were coated in a layer of frost:

A pair of cycling gloves. The finger and thumb are covered in a thin layer of frost

The rest of my winter gear worked reasonably well. The only thing I need to get is something to cover my ears - I’ve tried snoods and balaclavas. Both make my glasses fog up, and the latter also makes it look like I’m trying to hide my face (and I’m not that ugly).


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